One Direction.

Louis Tomlinson Fanfic - Chapter 18

"Do you want to come inside?", I asked Louis. For some reason he seemed stunned that I asked him this question. After the first seconds of being surprised, he smiled and nodded. Parking his car, he laughed: "Didn’t you say you didn’t want me to meet your family because they’d embarass you?"
As we got out of the car, I remembered what I said, and thinking about it, I really considered telling Louis that he shouldn’t come in. My family is embarassing, they are. My siblings were okay, but my Mum and Dad could make me crawl in my bed and never get out again, they were so, so weird sometimes. Especially when meeting boyfriends, they tried to be very cool and chilled out, but they just ended up laughing awkwardly all the time and telling stupid jokes that not even I who pretty much laughed about everything could find amusing. But then again, that wasn’t really the reason why I had told him that he shouldn’t meet my family a few weeks back, was it? Bethy had opened my eyes, and I had realised that I just didn’t want Louis to come too close to me, or, especially after the conversation we had at the beach today, I just didn’t want him to ask me more questions.
As I had decided to let me in to this relationship, meeting my family, the people I loved most in this world, would be an important step forward.

"They probably will bring the embarassment to a level you’ve never seen before, but it’s okay, because, let’s face it, if they raised up such an amazingkid as me, they must be great.", I joked, and Louis sarcastically agreed.
We took the stairs, and after more steps than Louis probably had walked up for the past few months, considering he actually was out of breath when we arrived to my door. As I fumbled for my keys, I could already hear my family inside.
It was 6pm-ish, and it was the time my Mum usually started making dinner, which lead to Eleanor moaning about what we would eat today, and to my Dad trying to entertain Alex because he wanted him to stop eating the food Mum was just preparing.
I do realise that for some people meeting someone’s family is a huge deal, but in a way, other than I didn’t want to open up too much, it wasn’t for me. Maybe it’s because I’m quite young and I obviously don’t live at my own place, so if you want to hang out with your boyfriend, or just a guy that you like, you have to bring him home to you, and you can’t prevent your parents to meet him.

When Louis and I stepped into the kitchen, Mum’s, Dad’s, Eleanor’s and Alex’s eyes were fixed on us. I put down my bag and the keys, and went to introduce Louis.
"Dear family, this is Louis. And Louis, this is my Mum Annie, my Dad Matt, Eleanor and my baby brother Alex who you’ve seen before."
After some seconds of my family being in some sort of trance, they turned back to their usual selves. They all greeted Louis, Mum and Dad shook his hand and chatted abit about how the weather was and such things.
"Is Louis going to eat with us today, Love?", my Mum asked me.
"No, he’s just saying hello, and I’ll show him my room, but he’ll leave again soon I think, he has to drive back to London and all that."
Freeing Louis from my father’s questions, I lead him to my room. I had cleaned it up a little, but it still was messy as hell. I don’t think Louis minded tough, it still looked better than his room.
Louis looked around a little, he saw the photo of my sisters and me when we were little, and awh-ed at the fact that back then, I looked like, to say it in his words “Michael Jackson as a 5 year old but with pink clothes on”.

He made himself comfortable immidiately, and lay on my bed, not even bothering to remove the clothes that I had tried on this moring. I down at the end of my bed, gently pushing Louis’ legs to the side a little.
"It’s such a girly room though! Even your bedding is pink! And, oh my god, is that seriously a poster of me hanging over there?"
I turned around and looked at my wall. It was sort of a ‘wall of stuff’, I put all my train and cinema tickets over there, and also pictures of my friends. What I had almost forgotten was that I also had two One Direction posters hung up there. My friends always made fun of me for having posters of a boyband in my room as an 18 year old, but they looked perfect on them, and I just couldn’t bring myself to take them down.
"Wait, you don’t have a poster of me in your bedroom? Louis, I thought what we had was special!", I laughed and threw a little cushion at him.
“I don’t even have a picture of you.”, Louis said, playfully sounding sad.
“Well you ain’t getting one today, my hair looks a mess because of the wind.”
Louis looked at me and cheekily replied: “Doesn’t your hair always look a mess?”
I put on my Oh-no-you-didn’t face, and said: “That’s it, you gotta leave!”
Louis let out a laugh that probably could light up every bad day of mine. I punched him a little in his stomach with my foot, and before I could react, he pulled me over to him, leaving my straddled beneath his legs and arms, unable to move.
“Let me go, you psychopath!”, I giggled and threw my legs around, desperately trying to somehow liberate myself, but Louis was about a hundred times stronger than me, and his body weight completely resting on me didn’t help either. “I can’t even breathe!”, I exclaimed, still laughing uncontrollably, also due to the fact that Louis had started tickling me with one hand.

"I’m gonna stop if you tell me why there is a ripped photo of the girl you went to the club in London when you first met me with on the floor.", Louis said, suddenly sounding more serious.
I was still lying underneath Louis, and slowly replied: “I had a fight with Bethy and I was so angry I pulled down my favourite picture of her, and yeah, ripped it.”
“Why did you fight?”
“Because … Louis, can I just sit up now please?”, I begged. Louis simply shook his head and ordered me to continue. “We had a fight because she is now dating my other friend Jonah, who was at the club too, and they’re moving to Manchester together around the start of September and when I told her that I didn’t think that was a good idea, Bethy said some mean stuff to me and my other friend Laurel that she shouldn’t have said.”
Louis listened quietly, and when I had finished, he asked wether I was going to talk to Bethy again, and why I didn’t like the idea of Jonah and Bethy dating. There was a deeply caring sound to his voice that somehow made me trust him, and made me tell him everything about Bethy and Jonah’s relationship and my concerns.
“But now I’m okay with it, Jonah talked to me and I’m pretty sure they are more in love than I’ve seen most people of our age, except maybe for Brooke and Eric. It’s somehow a funny story, both of them, Brooke and Eric and Bethy and Jonah, started off as just being friends, and now they are dating.”, I explained, almost forgetting in what position Louis held me, “I’m gonna talk to Bethy tomorrow and we’re gonna be cool again, I know that.”

Louis nodded and I saw a smile rise on his face. “What?”, I chuckled.
"Nothing", he shrugged, "You just look really pretty right now.”
We looked eachother in the eyes, not blinking once. There is this moment before a kiss, when you know it’s going to happen, and the anticipation builds up, and is then released by a firework of emotions when your lips finally join. And exactly this happened when Louis lowered himself and his lips met mine. It was as beautiful as our first kiss in Louis’ bedroom, and even more beautiful than the second kiss we had when I said goodbye to him on that day. Louis let go of my arms and legs, and instead cupped my face in his hands. This was, by far, the best kiss I have had in my life. Louis was perfect, and this great day that we had spend together, this day of letting my walls fall down, ended with this, a kiss that gave me the deep guarantee that this was the start of something beautiful, something that would in what way, wether it was a bad one or a good one, change my life.

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